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Hold free phone conferences with others around the world for the price of a local phone call. Use the same access numbers used by FreeCallButton to hold a free global phone conference anywhere anytime.

Access Conferences from Anywhere in the World

  • Join Conferences from your web browser with a headset. It takes 10 seconds.
  • Access Conferences from a local US phone line.
  • 100% Free service.
  • Very Simple to Set Up and Administer.

  • For more information go to FreeVoipConference.

    You can now make FREE multi-party conference calls from MagicJack.

  • Call 1-305-848-8888 (Miami, USA)
  • Press 2 then Pick ANY three digit PIN number to use for your conference.
  • Write Down Your Conference Number

    Distribute your conference room number to your participants. They access the conference using the same number and enter the conference number when prompted. For more information go to FreeMagicConference. It is a very simple and powerful conference tool.

    Free Global Conference Calls using local access phone numbers in 50 countries.

  • Find a local access number from the home page.
  • Select your conference room number using the online tool.
  • Distribution the conference number to your participants
  • Access the conference from regular phones or via the internet free web phones.

  • For more information go to FreePhoneBridge.

    Free phone conference service requires you call a US phone number.

    Here is how it works:
  • Get FreeConferenceCall US dial-in number and access code,
  • Use any one of the free global call services to call the US phone number
  • Inform your participants of the conference date, time and the dial-in number and access code.
  • Have the participants call the dial-in number and follow the prompts to enter the access code assigned to your conference.
  • Announce yourself at the chime and enjoy your free conference call.

  • Very simple and the service provides controls for the conference moderator.