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Tellme Phone-Based Free Information Service

Tellme enables you to use voice commands to find and connect to people, businesses and information nationwide. Connections to the service are made by dialing "5" from the FreeCallButton main menu.

Tellme uses sophisticated voice recognition software that utilizes keywords to enable callers to access the Internet with a telephone. For instance, a caller can use Tellme to listen to the news or get their daily horoscope. You can get information by saying the following voice commands:

  • "Business Search"-- Get phone number and address for local businesses
  • "News Center"-- Listen to the top news stories
  • "Sports"-- Get up to date sports scores
  • "Entertainment"-- Entertainment news
  • "Stock Quotes" -- Users can check a personalized portfolio and track company news
  • "Taxis" -- Callers can find and connect with a local taxi service anywhere in the United States
  • "Time" -- Get the current time
  • "Airlines" -- The service instantly connects users with any major airline simply by saying its name
  • "Driving Directions" -- get driving directions for trips in the U.S.
  • "Movies" -- Tellme users can find out what's playing at any theater and get show times and reviews
  • "News" -- Tellme provides callers with CNN's top stories, business, technology, entertainment and health watch news
  • "Sports" -- Callers can get up-to-the-minute sports scores and post-game wrap-ups
  • "Weather" -- The service has weather forecasts for 35,000 U.S. cities
  • "Horoscopes" -- Callers can get daily horoscope readings
  • "Soap Operas" -- Users can find out what happened on their favorite soap operas
  • "Black Jack" -- Tellme callers can play a hand of blackjack
  • "Lottery" -- Callers can get the latest lottery numbers for every state.
  • "Ringtones"

  • You need a clear phone connection to access tellme, because it uses voice recognition to select menu items. Be sure to speak clearly into your phone to properly select a menu item above.

    Tellme is a United States based free service, however much of the information you can access is applicable to most anyone anywhere in the world. In the US, you can access Tellme from any phone by dialing toll-free 1-800-555-TELL.

    Tellme has qualified each listing to ensure that the information is accurate. Part of Tellme's ease of use lies with its close connection with AT&T. Tellme sits right on AT&T's backbone, allowing the service to quickly resolve the locations of callers. Callers who desire information about an area outside of their calling location can access it by saying the name of a city and state or entering an area code.